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How To Apply

How To Apply

We accept applications Monday thru Thursday between 8:00am-1:00pm. We are an inclusive program, accepting adult men without regard to ethnicity, age, marital status, religion, or sexual orientation. We assess clients on MediCal insurance, but if you are ineligible there is a Room and Board fee of $550.00 per month.

A desire to stop drinking/using as well as a willingness to learn how to live peacefully, clean and sober is required.



  • Take the 805 Freeway and exit on 43rd St.
  • Make a left at the light, onto 43rd St.
  • Turn right on Delta St. and continue up to 41st St. where we are located on the right side, NE, of the intersection. 


Orange Line to Euclid Trolley Station

  • Take 955 towards 8th St. Trolley Station
  • Get off at Delta St. and head West up Delta St. towards Main St.

Blue Line to 8th St. Trolley Station

  • Take 955 towards Euclid Trolley Station
  • Get off at Delta St. and cross the light to head West up Delta St. towards Main St. 

There is an initial two week blackout period, no exceptions. We are prohibited, due to licensing, to accept anyone who has been convicted of a sex offense or arson. Dual diagnosed individuals are welcome as long as they are stabilized on their medications.

Hope for Alcohol & Drug Addicts, Tradition One, San Diego, CA

Our program is based on the Twelve Step recovery concept. The program at Tradition One is organized as a Social Model recovery home and as such is peer oriented. We consider our program to be essentially a learning process. Entrance into the program must be a voluntary act of the prospective resident. The program at Tradition One is structured and multifaceted. For the first fourteen days we ask the new resident not to seek employment, enroll in school, and refrain from any outside interest. We feel this orientation period is necessary to become accustomed to group living. There is one educational class/group held on Wednesdays from 10:00am to 11:00am, four evening classes/groups held from 6:00pm-7:00pm, and four classes/groups from 7:15pm-8:15pm.

We also have two Twelve Step meetings held each week where attendance is mandatory. After the fourteen day blackout period, each program participant is required to attend four outside Twelve Step meetings per week. All scheduled meetings, classes, and groups are mandatory unless excused by staff.

We require a minimum commitment of six months residency from participants. The program is organized in segments. The first segment is primarily concerned with physical and emotional recovery. This is used in gaining knowledge of the disease of addiction and in exploring alternative methods of problem solving. A change in behavior patterns, both physical and mental, without the use of unprescribed mood altering chemicals is the focus.

Hope for Alcohol & Drug Addicts, Tradition One, San Diego, CA

In the next segment, the participant becomes more involved in the program and continues with a more aggressive development toward long term goals. They become more comfortable and dedicated to maintaining a firm foundation in a quality recovery program.

The final segment may be considered an extension of the above. We do not expect all participants to engage in the process of rehabilitation in the same length of time. The maximum length of residency is eighteen months. Community service and volunteering are integral components of this program.

Hope for Alcohol & Drug Addicts, Tradition One, San Diego, CA Hope for Alcohol & Drug Addicts, Tradition One, San Diego, CA