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Tradition One gave me the tools to get back on my feet spiritually and financially. I chose them because they knew that reconnecting with my family is condusive to my recovery. It was really important that the counselors gave me a sense of belonging; for once in my life I didn't feel judged or disrepected.

The most important goal that the program helped me to accomplish is to stay clean and remain financially independent. I wasn't expecting that in the process, I would also be able to restore more than half of all my relationships with family and friends!

Angel E. (sobriety date 1/27/2018)

The staff here really do care for each client on an individual basis. This program has helped me understand there is life after addiction no matter what. So far I am doing what the staff recommend and today I can say it's working for me. I have a job, just bought a car, insurance, registration, and license.

All that a normal person takes for granted in everyday life, I have now. So once again thank you, Tradition One. 

Timothy G. (sobriety date: 7/29/15)

I desperately wanted to be sober and Tradition One was there for me in my time of need. My favorite parts of the program was the food, (thank you Leon), the counselors (Rose is awesome, but they're all fantastic!), and my peers in the house. I learned why I am human and how to be completely honest.

Brandon F. (sobriety date: 5/31/2019)

I would like to thank the staff as a whole crew. From the kitchen, counselors, all the way to the girls who answer the phones and do paperwork. Thanks for my new life!"

Joe L. (sobriety date: 5/6/19)

Tradition One gave me the love, tools, & faith to get sober. And to pick myself up when I fall.

Bonnie D.

It gave me the tools I needed to get to this point in life.

Leon S. (sobriety date: 11/19/99)

Tradition One helped me to find a new way to live and gave me the tools necessary to end the most turbulent and unsure time I have ever been through, in my entire life.

Jeff M. (sobriety date: 7/17/12)

I came from jail and finished my one year sentence. Tradition One helped me to live and work sober, and not have resentments toward society.

Keith T. (sobriety date: 4/16/11)

Thanks to Tradition One, I now understand addiction and have the tools I need to be the husband, father, son, and man that God wants me to be. Without this program I would still be lost. Thank you Tradition One. 

Mike H. (sobriety date: 3/14/14)

Tradition One has been here for me as the closest place for me to get a meeting, starting in January 2000- 11¾ years later.

Lea Anne (sobriety date: 1/00)

Because of Tradition One I found the woman I was meant to be and the mother my children deserve. Thank you!

Jennifer (sobriety date: 6/2/02)

Taught me a new way of life. Saved my life! Now I love myself and my new life!

Shanna H. (sobriety date: 2006)

Tradition One made it possible for me to live a life without drugs and alcohol. They showed me how to live my life being of service to other people, my family, and society.

Earl M. (sobriety date: 4/16/06)

I came to the women’s house in 1997 under Ms. Beverly, she inspired me to stay alive. I’ve been working for the County of San Diego. Have gone through a rough bumpy road, but if it wasn’t for this program I don’t know what my life would be or where I’d be. God bless Tradition One. One day at a time.

Becky (sobriety date: 1997)

I came to Tradition One in 1997, I am now clean for 14 years and have gone to school and gotten my nursing degree. I am so grateful for this house and how it changed my life. The staff and friends are still here and I am forever grateful.

Christine V. (sobriety date: 2/7/97)