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Tradition One has helped thousands of men recover from alcohol and other drug addictions. This means that thousands of men have found solace in a powerful new and improved way of life in sobriety! But we must confess, this is not possible without help from our alumni and people like you! Because we are a nonprofit organization, your donation is tax-deductible. We assure you, any amount will help because so many of us have been affected by the pain and suffering this disease causes. If you or someone you know has found the miracle of sobriety, then you understand the importance of our service. We are a grassroots organization dedicated to those we help. Please do not hesitate to help others find hope.

We accept donations in person or by mail, if you wish to send us something in such form simply make out your check to: “Tradition One” and, mail the intended donation to our address: 4104 Delta St. San Diego CA 92113.

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Wish List

 All donations are tax-deductible, a letter of donation can be provided for items provided. 


Tradition One is in a constant state of repair, or so it seems, as soon as one thing is fixed a whole another issue arises. Currently, we could use support for major building repair and maintenance, specifically plumbing and electrical issues. Supporting donations for various needs to fix building issues is greatly needed. 

The McMillen Family Foundation awarded $100,000 for Program Advocacy! This foundation works tirelessly to aide non profits in their mission of providing invaluable services to those impacted by alcohol and drug addictions. Because of their generous award we are able to expand and increase the amount of individualized services to our residents.

We met a handful of other invaluable human service organizations when meeting with the McMillen board. We were able to explain that every one of our staff members is in recovery and the majority of us came directly from Tradition One. It truly is a heart warming experience to meet and greet other individuals who are as dedicated as our own. Human service work calls a special type of person, our presentation let the board know what we're made of! 

"The mission of the McMillen Family Foundation is to provide assistance to eligible groups in Southern California which are dedicated to helping people of all ages who have been impacted, directly or indirectly, by alcohol and/or drugs and to provide community outreach and education to prevent alcohol and/or drug addiction before it starts.

mc millen family foundation

Karol Uryga-Nawarowski Foundation

Tradition One received a charitable grant award from the Karol Uryga-Nawarowski Foundation (KUNF) for Program Advocacy, benefiting a great deal of our residents. It is through such generous Program Support grants that we are able to focus in providing all the best services we have in our arsenal. We appreciate such philanthropic organizations like KUNF who realize that our cause strengthens the fight against addiction, curbing homelessness, and reversing drug crime recidivism rates.

"The mission of the Karol Uryga-Nawarowski Foundation (KUNF) is to support prevention, treatment and education of alcohol abuse and alcoholism among youth, the general public, Poland and the Polish-American community."

The Charitable Foundation of San Diego has disbursed a $2,000 Program Advocacy grant award to Tradition One! We were given this generous award to further our commitment to our residents and increase the impact our services have in the lives of the men who come to our treatment facility. We were able to meet with the board members and explain just how dedicated and important our work is to the community of San Diego. Our presentation gave insight into just what kind of population we are referred each and every day, moreover, how important philanthropic contributions to our organization are in regards to the potential of our residents and their futures in recovery. Thank you to the dedicated members of this foundation, for they are here with us, giving the utmost care for health & human services.

The Charitable Foundation of San Diego

"We can only be as strong as the community we serve. Toward this goal, we have created The Charitable Foundation. Its purpose is to have a beneficial and constructive impact on our local communities."


Thank you to our board chairman

Our Board Chairman, Mr. Earl Mohler, was very generous to make a donation of $3,500, which we couldn't help but make an appreciative gesture in this post. It goes to show part of the essential role our Board of Directors involves themselves within conditioning a resoundingly successful recovery home as ours. An alumnus himself, his testimonial is a mere glimpse of the vantage and grace fulfilled through his recovery. Thank you to our Board Chairman for remembering Tradition One as a place to give back and help others that are looking for the same thing as you.

Cushman Foundation of San Diego

Special thank you to the Cushman Foundation of San Diego for generously granting $1,000 towards Program Support. The Cushman Foundation is a name that is known throughout San Diego, but we'd like to mention them as patrons to San Diego, they make our communities better through their philanthropic efforts. Tradition One is honored to be considered so positively by the Cushman Foundation for our services; they are very proud in supporting organizations of diversified humanitarian and community improvement.

Their philosophy is ensconced in a sense of social responsibility, and further honoring community obligations in which they are centered in operation. Much appreciation to the Cushman Foundation for recognizing how invaluable Tradition One is to our neighborhood in our efforts to tackle the plight of addiction and further bettering the lives of countless men by strict adherence to our overall mission.

Thanks to the efforts of the wonderful, hardworking team of Las Patronas women. Tradition One finally has a new roof! Even though the Moonlit Mambo, a 2014 fundraising effort part of the Jewel Ball tradition, was rained out and all the beautiful decorations were not able to be enjoyed by patrons it didn't stop the Las Patronas Foundation goal. The team of ladies was able to raise a substantial amount of funds which were allocated to other organizations, as well as Tradition One. As a Major Beneficiary, we were awarded $25,875 to replace the roof on our main facility. Were it not for the efforts of Las Patronas our roof would still be leaky and in disrepair. Tradition One is very grateful to Las Patronas for allowing us to see just how special the Moonlit Mambo developments were through a wonderful slide show and photo book at the beneficiary banquet. At the beneficiary banquet, we were presented with our award and given time to speak on behalf of Tradition One's services. Our Executive Director, Ms. Gloria Thompson, gave a heartwarming testament holding true to Tradition One's purpose from the very beginning and the strength which has kept us going since 1971. The New Roof on Tradition One
New Roof on Tradition One

Roofing Project

The demolition of the old roof and construction of our new one began immediately. Thanks to RC Roofing the project has gone smoothly, and we are immensely grateful to every aspect that made this possible.

Roofing Project

We learn through the program of recovery that blessings can sometimes happen quickly and sometimes come about slowly, but miracles happen if you work for them. Thank you to Las Patronas Foundation & RC Roofing, for making a new roof a reality, from the bottom of our hearts.

Roofing Project

Las Patronas is committed to providing financial assistance to nonprofit organizations in San Diego County that provide valuable community services in the areas of health, education, social services, and cultural arts, and to continuing our tradition of service to enhance the quality of life in our community.

Las Patronas Mission Statement 

New Roof on Tradition One New Roof on Tradition One

thank you for giving back, david!

Thank you to one of our treasured residents, David G. who came by to donate $2,000! An act like this is not why we serve, but it does make things a whole lot brighter. Because of wonderful alumni like David we are able to give all our residents exactly what they need for their recovery. David's gift will be used to provide our guys with gift cards so they can buy Holiday presents for their families. Every single resident that has ever come through our house has shown immense gratitude for the ability to share in the Season of Giving. Great joy is felt when, after countless years of self-centeredness and addiction, the opportunity to give back for the first time is possible. Each resident has taken so much from their family, loved ones, friends, and support; David has given them the opportunity to be selfless this Holiday. It is because of alumni like David that Tradition One has the means to provide stellar recovery services. 

David, you were a fantastic resident, you have a bright future in front of you, and Tradition One is grateful we were able to share in your new life! Thank you for your support and best wishes to your long-term recovery.


Of course, if you are not able to aide financially, perhaps you are interested in knowing how you can volunteer. Well, if you are a licensed and certified contractor then have we got a job for you! You can contact our office at (619)264-0141 during regular business hours and let us know who you are and what you can do.

Also if you need community service hours we provide those as well for those that qualify.